Should you make your own wedding dress?

Are you the one who concentrate more in dressing? Are you the one who has concentrate a lot to your fashion and designing? Are you the person who loves to get good dressing sense to the festivals and functions? Are you the person who looking out for the best designed clothing for the marriage functions? Then you are chosen the right page because in this page we are included with the page of function clothing and changes to the daily dressing sake with the innovative designs and trending models that will be making yourself complete in dressing sense

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Have you ever thought about the marriage functions? According to Indian culture the close relations to the people who are going to get married have to take maximum 5 sets of dresses. There is another thing is present that the people who going to get married will get up to 12 sets of dresses in some places as its maximum. Since there are more number of people here is making new clothing by using this kind of function as a reason, we may use this chance and get as much dress sets as possible. Even there are some more people who are comparing their models with their relatives and they will examine that their selection is better than their relative or not? By filtering those people there are some people will be appear that they will compare the model of the dress that they chosen, the cost of the dress they chosen, the color and variety of the dress they chosen and finally they think about the counting of dress, which means how many dresses they bought? And whether they had bought more number of collection than their relatives or not?  These kinds of people are available in every area then and there. Though they are from the poor background they prefer to hide their status in before the society and love to manage their prestige in their society.

Question to them:

Since there are more number of people is preferred to show their wealth through multiple numbers of dressings, had they ever think about the fabrication of dress that they wear? At any cause had they really think about the work that the manufacturers put to design the dress? How long they worked to get the dress in an effective way? Since there are more number of people have doesn’t mind about all these things I put the question forward to them that “Should you make your own wedding dress?” by asking this question the answer from 90% of people is no. actually this might be a thankful issue because we are simply buy the dresses which has attractive designs and more  number of facilities in that dress but the fact is there is more number of people has put their complete effort in it with dedication and proper training to made the dress as an extra ordinary one because they know that making one’s to buy the product is not easy.

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