The best guide to sewing a bath mat

Generally you know, by using sewing process you can make everything like dress, pillow covers, bags and etc. by using this sewing you can easily make the bath mat also. A bath mat is also known as tub mat and it is an extension of towel. It is specially created for absorb the water and it is used in outside the bath tub. There are two types of bath mats available such as internal bath mat and external bath mat. The world is developed in many technologies according to that the peoples are totally changed compared to old culture. They are mostly like modern things in everywhere at every time. The peoples are commonly like build their own house in a modern way which is suitable for this modern world. In that modern house everything in a different manner by this way that home contains a modern bathroom also. Every modern bathroom contains beautiful bath tubs. The water may leak from that bath tub is possible so you need some mats to absorb that water spread inside the bathroom. For that purpose the bath mats are designed and there is much type of bath mats available in the market.

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How to sew your own bath mat?

Perform following steps to design and sew an own bath mat.

  • First you have to gather the material and the mat will be made from a long towel so choose that with specific color which is match for your bathroom color.
  • Cutting the unwanted edges in the towel, if you want you can attach any borders on that towel and try to make your mat more attractive.
  • Then stitch the open sides of the towel and make it thicker because your mat will be absorbing more water.
  • If you need you can attach the borders around the towel before attaching this you can cut that towel with different design and size.
  • If you want to eliminate the borders just seal off the edges then stitch the open sides.
  • At last sewing up the border which means performing binding around the towel.
  • Finally your own bath mat is ready.
  • If you don’t like to use towels you can purchase any other fabrics and use that for making bath mat.

Advantage of sewing bath mat:

  • If you buying this bath mats from the market you must have to pay some amount and there are many varieties in bath mats but if you made that mats yourself it should saves your money as well as your time because you have to take some time for buying that but here that problem is solved.
  • You can make your bath mat with wanted size and color as your own wish and need.
  • You must need to wash that mat per weeks or 10 days so here you can easily wash this mat without doing any risky process and there is no mat damage is occurred during the washing process because it is user friendly.

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