The wonderful guide to sewing a T-shirt

Sewing is an amazing art which produce the beautiful dress at the end of sewing process. Everyone need dresses and all cloth items so it necessity never will come to the end which means never you said there is no need for dress and sewing process so the sewing will never get die. The sewing is not only used in companies it is also used in many people home. More number of peoples having their own sewing machines in their home and use that to learn sewing or any other own usage.

It is mostly useful for house wives because they have more free time. Generally the house wives only do cooking, washing, cleaning and they complete these all process within 2 to 3 hours after that they have no work. For those peoples sewing is the best choice for learning as well as earning. After learning this sewing you can earn money by completing some sewing task within certain period of time or particular day. There are more companies wanting workers with sewing knowledge and they are ready to give the job and salary in your home. So this sewing process is more useful for home makers and it gives a chance to them to expose their talents and creativity sense in sewing process. To help sewing a t-shirt click the link to find the best sewing machines for beginners.

Why you have try to sewing T-shirt?

T-shirt is a short sleeved causal top and it generally made by cotton fabrics & it having the shape of a Tso it is called T-shirt. This is specially developed for boys but nowadays the girls also like to wear this t-shirt. It is a best top for all type of pants like full pant, shorts and etc. It is mostly liked by youngsters but it is also suitable for small kids because it gives the beauty look for all peoples so everyone like this t-shirts. It is fitted for their body structure and it is selling with different size and different color and different type of design in the dress showrooms. This t-shirts are also used in sports because it is used to separate the teams in a particular game. For example in cricket each team has their own t-shirt with their team name and separate color and model, all are the team members are wearing that same modeled t-shirts by this way it is widely used. Not only for these reasons for sew t-shirt, at starting it is helpful for you learn sewing.

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How to sew T-shirt?

If you want to sewing t-shirt in an easy way do the following steps

  • First you have to draw your t-shirt pattern with size on the fabric or cloth.
  • Then cut that fabric into different parts according to your design pattern.
  • Before starting sewing process cut a strip of ribbing for neck portion then you have to sew shoulders.
  • After that sew ribbing to the neck line in that fabric.
  • Then sew sleeves to the arm holes and then sew arm and side seams.
  • Finally the t-shirt will be ready on your hand.

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